1. Purpose
    Southland Rubber Group Code of Conduct is the Group’s policy on business ethics and standards of behaviour for our workplace activities. This document provides essential guidelines of the company’s expectations on our business conduct and moral commitments. It also acts as a useful guidance for management of ethically critical risk areas.
  2. Scope and Application
    The Code of Conduct is applicable to all in Southland Rubber Group, no matter their position or country they are located in, including Southland Rubber Group’s wholly owned affiliates and subsidiaries and other business entities such as joint ventures which we own a majority of the shares.
    Everyone must be personally responsible to adhere to this Code of Conduct. We must hold on to our business conduct with principles of morality and highly ethical considerations.
  3. Consequences of non-compliance
    If any act in violation of the guidelines in this Code of Conduct should be confirmed, we take corrective action. This includes an investigation into the cause and education and training of those involved in the act, as well as related individuals.
    At Southland Rubber Group, we may consider disciplinary action against officers and employees.


Core Values

  1. Respect
    To treat all stakeholders in the same manner no matter background, culture, ability, or beliefs.
  2. Integrity
    To take pride in being consistently honest and sincere; aligning to our ethics, standards, and values.
  3. Passion
    To achieve our goals with active enthusiasm, strong will, and momentum to excel.
  4. Visionary
    To be far-sighted, have wisdom and insight in leading the Group to reach higher achievements.


Implementation Guidelines

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We are to ensure compliance with the prevailing laws, regulations and appropriate social customs of in the countries and/or regions they operate from including anti-trust laws, commercial codes, subcontractor regulations, foreign exchange laws, personal privacy laws, copyright laws, etc.
    We must avoid bribery of any kind (any gift, payment, consideration, financial or non- financial advantage or benefit of any kind that constitutes a corrupt and illegal practice).
  2. Human Rights
    We are committed to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and associated conventions. We strictly prohibit human rights violations, such as any form of harassment and discrimination, child labour, and forced labour. We develop and implement measures to ensure that such violations do not occur.
  3. Environment
    We strive to consider about the environment in our daily business activities to ensure that we clearly identify the impacts and find solutions to improve. We communicate with our business partners and suppliers in hoping that they will share our commitment to the conservation of the environment.
  4. Anti-monopoly practices
    We shall comply with anti-monopoly law and ensure that our employees are aware of its requirements not to obstruct competitions through improper means.
  5. Money Laundering
    We transparently perform and accurately record all business and commercial dealings.
  6. Information Security
    We apply internal management rules of documentary and IT security in order to prevent the leakage of personal information and confidential information to respect privacy.
  7. Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading
    We shall only use the Group’s property and resources for the Group’s benefit and none others. Hence, we exclude any employee who has real or potential conflict of interest from any decision-making process of relevant business and we restrict employee from insider- trading.
  8. Intellectual Property
    We protect our intellectual property rights and respect intellectual property held by other parties by proper management of property rights.
  9. Basic Policy on Safety
    We prepare a Health and Safety Policy to assure that our employees have a healthy and safe workplace as well as to provide safe and secure products to our customers by observing safety regulations in related countries.