Dear Stakeholders,

For the past 32 years, even before sustainability became a key word in business, trust and respect were the main principles that have continued to guide and inspire us. Throughout competitive business environments, these principles never fail to bring our company to life, in our corporate culture, and in our relationship with our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community at large.

Today, with the multifaceted challenges faced by sustainable development of natural rubber, we understand that we must further strengthen our principles to align with our stakeholders’ interests in intensifying our Sustainability efforts.

In our endeavor to align our Sustainability commitment with our business purpose and principles, we have defined our significant material topics into four categories:

Environmental Protection

It is vital that we strike a balance between economic sustainability and environmental sustainability; we strive to nurture economic growth and shall contribute to achieving a sustainable society via our environmental initiatives.

Customer Focus & Quality Products

Our customer-centric operating model ensures high customer satisfaction ratings; it is our mission to consistently deliver high-quality and reliable products and services while gaining valuable insights from our customers’ feedback.

Supply Chain Management

Being a responsible corporate citizen, we shall identify effective engagement with our suppliers; we are committed to keeping track of our supplier activities, educating and encouraging our suppliers to adopt social responsibility, and mitigating risks.

Fair Labour Practices & Human Rights

We recognize the value of investing in our employees for sustainable corporate growth; we are committed to compliance in international standards of human rights and implementation of fundamental labor rights.

Our commitment to producing a quality product and delivering value has been the backbone of our business since its inception. While we are proud of our achievement thus far, we recognize that our business is on a long journey towards a sustainable future.

We sincerely hope for and look forward to everyone’s continued guidance and support.
Thank you for your interest in us.

Pherm Tirasarnvong
Managing Director

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