Southland Rubber Group’s Environmental Policy outlines our direction in environmental sustainability practices by managing environmental impacts associated with our business activities, products, and services. In addition to compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, we continuously improve our Environmental Management System (EMS) to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

Alongside capacity building by training and education, the policy will be communicated to all levels in our group. We endeavor to create a Group culture where all are engaged and empowered in improving our environmental performance at national and international level.


We will periodically review the objectives and targets of our environmental aspects:

  • Energy and Emissions
    We ensure the responsible use of energy by monitoring our energy use, improving energy efficiency, and implementing programs to reduce carbon emissions while supporting the Group’s plans for business expansion.
  • Materials and Waste Management
    We ensure sustainable material consumption and reducing waste where possible, by reusing and recycling. Our waste management procedure is in place to monitor and regulate waste separation and disposal.
  • Water
    We ensure all wastewater from our production is efficiently treated in our wastewater treatment system subsequently reused in our production process.
  • Biodiversity
    We ensure to not participate in deforestation activities by the preservation of natural ecosystem and protection of native flora species with our planting programs.
  • Local Pollution
    We ensure to provide a healthy and safe working environment by implementing measures to eliminate or control hazards, such as monitoring of internal air quality and noise levels as well as work procedure on handling hazardous chemicals.