Our Sustainability

Our commitment to Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibilities

Our commitment to social, economic and environmental responsibilities are reflected in our actions and corporate policies.

We adopt a Sustainability Management Practice and a Sustainable Procurement Policy that are in accordance with the ISO 26000 and the GPSNR Principles.

Sustainability Management Practice

  • Upholding human rights and labour practices
  • Fair operating practices
  • Ethical, professional and legal business conduct and corporate governance
  • Protection of health, safety, and environment
  • Supporting the community

Sustainable Procurement Policy

  • Accountability, organizational governance, transparency
  • Ethical behaviour with regards to confidential information and competition laws
  • Fair trading practices
  • Upholding human rights and labour practices
  • Respect for international norms of behaviour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Forest sustainability and land rights
  • Ensure health and safety
  • Contribution to society