Rubber Quality and Kaizen-5S Policy

Southland Rubber is committed to produce and deliver consistent quality products to satisfy our customers’ needs and build reliability.

  1. We are committed to continuously improve our production processes to enhance product quality.
  2. We also believe in engaging our Employees to incorporate 5S work method as our foundational culture.
  3. This document guides Executives and Supervisors to promote continuous quality improvement (Kaizen) and 5S work plans in their departments.
  4. Employees will integrate Kaizen and 5S principles in their work and continuously apply and improve on these practices.
  5. Kaizen and 5S implementation success and results shall form part of Employees’ annual performance evaluation.
  6. A designated Director of each Group Company and/or the Head of a branch unit/factory shall be responsible for the collective implementation of and compliance with this Policy.

Commitment to Quality

We will produce quality products to fully meet our customers’ specifications and expectations.

  • We will institute programs to raise awareness of quality control and production cost control.

  • We will consistently apply and maintain our ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.

  • We will continuously promote and apply 5S principles (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain) in our production and administrative processes.

  • While pursuing our quality standards in processing, we will pay close attention to maintaining sustainable practices regarding the environment, social responsibilities and work-force health and safety.

  • We will communicate to all levels of Employees and relevant stakeholders the same understanding and the adoption of this Policy.

Commitment to Kaizen-5S Implementation and Objectives


  • Establish organizational standards which encourage trust among related persons;
  • Create the outcomes that bring pride to all Employees;
  • Develop a safe and clean working environment;
  • Build capacity and cultivate discipline among Employees,


  • Have in place Kaizen-5S programs for continuous management and quality improvement;
  • Achieve business targets agreed among Executives and Employees;
  • Achieve targeted volume set for each customer with zero claim;
  • Improve yearly on sustainability and customer assessment scores;
  • Achieve commendable feedback from surveys of key stakeholders (customers, suppliers, Employees, investors and others);
  • Apply Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle operations wherever feasible;
  • Achieve goals set for PQCDSME (Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale and Environment);
  • Achieve zero case for industrial accident;
  • Achieve time, frequency and participation targets planned for capacity, skills and compliance training;