PT. Bintang Gasing Persada Provides PPE Donation to the RSMH Palembang Covid-19 Handling Team

SRIPOKU.COM, PALEMBANG – PT Bintang Gasing Persada donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Covid-19 handling team of Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital as a form of concern for the prevention of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak in South Sumatra.

This company, which is engaged in the export of Crumb Rubber, provides a number of complete PPE donations for medical personnel who treat positive Corona Virus patients at RSMH, including 86 pieces of PPE clothes, 60 boxes of surgical masks, 2 boxes of gloves and 10 liters of hand sanitizer.

Emi, HRD of PT Bintang Gasing Persada, said that the donation was a CSR program as a form of concern from the management and also all employees of PT Bintang Gasing Persada.

“Seeing the current impact of the Corona Virus, we, from the management and employees of PT Bintang Gasing Persada, are trying to make donations, even though the amount is not large, around Rp. 20 million,” he said, Tuesday (20/04/2020).

The PPE donation was welcomed by RSMH, which was received directly by the ranks of the Covid-19 handling team at RSMH.

“Furthermore, the company also distributed PPE to hospitals in Banyuasin, and hopefully this assistance can help medical personnel in dealing with the Corona Virus outbreak,” he said.

In addition, PT Bintang Gasing Persada has also implemented a fixed protocol for preventing Covid-19 in the company environment.

Starting from screening employees and guests, checking body temperature and health, using masks for employees and also installing banners about the dangers of Covid-19.

“We are also among the companies affected by the Corona Virus, therefore we also strictly follow the fixed protocol in an effort to prevent Covid-19 in our company,” he said.

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