Sustainability – Quantitative Indicators

Sustainability Indicator Report

Southland Rubber
manages 5 Indonesia SIR Factories :

  • PT. Abaisiat Raya (SFB)
  • PT. Kota Niaga Raya (KBO)
  • PT. Bintang Borneo Persada (KCA)
  • PT. Bintang Gasing Persada (SFX)
  • PT. Polykencana Raya (SGY)


Actions for reducing CO2,
emission in 2019

  1. to change the type of fuel from diesel oil to less CO2 emission type fuel
    • Diesel oil to Parm shell
    • Diesel oil to LNG or LPG
  2. to use more purchasing electricity from in-house power generation
  3. to reduce NC
  4. to reduce breakdown time
  5. to do switch off of unnecessary lights
  6. to clean the Dryer at regular intervals


SGPL Group 5 Indonesia Factories Total. Action to improve Lost Time Injury Rate and Severity rate:

  1. Cause Analysis of Work Accidents & Corrective Measures
  2. One Point Lesson based on Analysis & Solution
  3. Safety Training for Staffs and Workers

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