Sustainability Indicator Report

Southland Global Pte Ltd manages 5 Indonesia SIR Factories :

  • PT. Abaisiat Raya (SFB)
  • PT. Kota Niaga Raya (KBO)
  • PT. Bintang Borneo Persada (KCA)
  • PT. Bintang Gasing Persada (SFX)
  • PT. Polykencana Raya (SGY)


Total CO2 emission (GRI305-1,2,4,5)

Actions for reducing CO2, emission in 2019

  1. to change the type of fuel from diesel oil to less CO2 emission type fuel
    • Diesel oil to Parm shell
    • Diesel oil to LNG or LPG
  2. to use more purchasing electricity from in-house power generation
  3. to reduce NC
  4. to reduce breakdown time
  5. to do switch off of unnecessary lights
  6. to clean the Dryer at regular intervals

Amount of Energy source and Renewable ratio (GRI302-1)

Water Usage (GRI303-1,3)

Waste (GRI306-2)



SGPL Group 5 Indonesia Factories Total

Action to improve Lost Time Injury Rate and Severity rate:

  1. Cause Analysis of Work Accidents & Corrective Measures
  2. One Point Lesson based on Analysis & Solution
  3. Safety Training for Staffs and Workers

Summary Lost Time Injury Rate and Severity Rate (GRI403-2)

H&S Training to Employees (GRI404-1)

Gender Ratio (GRI405-1)

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