Southland Rubber Group Sustainable Procurement Policy depicts our commitment and principles in achieving a sustainable supply chain. Our supply chain goals are to create mutual prosperity and establish long-term relationships with our stakeholders. This is an ongoing and collaborative process, and our suppliers are important partners in our journey.

In a cycle of continual improvement, we have also aligned our Sustainable Procurement Policy with the principles of Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR).

Our Commitment

We focus on sourcing goods and services by taking into consideration environmental and social factors alongside economic factors in our procurement decisions.

We share the commitment of our customers in building a sustainable supply chain by establishing and communicating expectations to our suppliers.

We invest in supplier engagement through training and educational efforts to raise awareness and build capacity to promote continuous improvement.

We strive to map our supply chain and support transparent reporting to protect our brand and meet stakeholder requirements.


Our Principles

Minimize environmental impact

  • Promote positive environmental education and awareness
  • Efficient management of natural resources such as energy and water
  • Appropriate waste management methods such as reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Protecting ecosystem by advoiding deforestation and preserving peatlands


Deliver social benefits

  • Align employment conditions to International Labour Organization (ILO) requirements such as no slavery, no human trafficking, and/or no child labour
  • Respect human rights principles such as no discrimination and/or no harassment
  • Ensure that a safe and hygienic workplace is provided to all employed
  • Avoid engaging in “land grabbing” to protect rights of the local people


Deliver economic growth

  • Compliance with national laws and regulations, and avoid any illegal practices such as bribery and/or corruption
  • Implement free and fair competition, and pay competitive prices
  • Emphasizing on developing local economy by creating local job opportunities
  • Providing minimum wage to all employed according to local regulations


Supplier Performance

We request for our suppliers to read and to understand the standards in this policy. Subsequently, we wish for our suppliers to support our approach by working together with us to improve practices in sustainable procurement.

To accelerate efforts and ensure effectiveness on this journey, we will collaborate and support our suppliers in working together to adopt and perform to our principles in their daily business activities.